Right after quitting school, I started working on a tiny (but very big for a single person) tool named like one of my favourite types of cake: Muffin.

It's ambition was to be the WordPress of the JavaScript world and to provide developers with a full tool belt for making the creation of new websites and apps as easy as a single command.

Although I didn't really knew much about running JS anywhere else then in the browser, as time passed, I discovered the various characteristics of the Node ecosystem that could make the app truly unique compared with the existing solutions. In turn, it gave me a chance to solve all kinds of problems with great packages and knowledge spread by helpful community members.

Today I'm building all kinds of products with JavaScript and Node at one of the most innovate startups on top of the industry and I'm very glad that I had the time to figure out all of this valuable knowledge. But it's just the tip of the iceberg and there's still a lot left for me to understand.

And that's why I'm writing this article today!

I noticed that creating things for ZEIT not only consumes most of my time, but it also often requires me to focus on a single big project without getting distracted by small things. That's just the result of me being handed a lot of responsibility and I like it a lot!

To make this process easier for me, I completely left Muffin out of the equation and it just sat around.

I thought I could just continue with it sometime in the future, but it honestly looks like this won't happen. And because I don't just want to let all of its fans down without telling them why, I decided to write this article.

Since all of its parts are licensed under MIT, everyone can just fork it and maybe even continue maintaining it. But starting today, I personally won't write any more code for it.

The code and the website will stay online though!

Wrapping up this post, I'd like to thank all people who helped me shape the application with useful critique (especially my old teams for sharing their experience with me).

Onto a new adventure!