I’m a huge fan of Open Source in general. Because of this love, I’ve decided to put my blog on GitHub using Jekyll and some Markdown. However I think it’s time to move into a different direction.

Medium has been on my radar since it went online. But until now, I wasn’t quite sure if it will last the journey and not get bought by one of those big players in our industry. Of course I’ll never be fully sure if my stories have found a new, independent place to grow. But since it looks and works so beautifully now, I’ll take that risk.

The main reasons why I’ve decided to make the move, is, that writing posts “like a Hacker” (Jekyll’s most known motto) DOES make fun, but sadly often gets into your way of writing great pieces.

Since it’s based on Git and plain code, there’s no real place to write. So far, I’ve been writing most of my posts in iA Writer, a beautiful app for Mac OS and iOS that lets you write without distractions. But until now, I had to copy each post, move it into the repository and add all kinds of so-called Front Matter fields which defined the meta information of each post. Of course I also had to adjust the filename to make it compatible with Jekyll’s preferred way of parsing posts.

Not to mention writing essays on the way: As I said, iA Writer DOES provide a iOS app. However there’s still this stupid workflow for actually deploying my posts. So all in all I still need to take my MacBook with me if I want to publish something. And that’s just not acceptable.

Now that I’m on Medium, the only thing I need to do is wake one of my devices from sleep, open the app and start writing. Awesome!

And the best thing about this: iA Writer now even provides an easy way to publish to Medium by simply clicking a menu item:

All of those tiny workflow improvements make Medium a much more convenient platform to write on. And if you ask me, that’s one of the most important things to keep in mind when setting up your own blog: Nothing should get in your way while writing.

Because if something does, you’ll loose both the fun that it makes and the ability to convert your thoughts into something helpful for others.

While I don’t yet know what I’ll be writing about here, you can probably expect a lot of technical talk about my projects and what I’ve learned. Besides of that, I might even republish a few of my older posts in here, if they seem like they’re not related to their time of publication to me.

So, what can I say? “Stay tuned!”, I guess.