As you read this, you will probably already know, what I mean with that word. I strongly believe you also have some friends or family doing it.

First, let's quickly get to know what Yoga even is. According to Wikipedia, it's a »physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline« which is - in our society - mostly used by people who want to focus and leave their daily stress and work-pressure behind.

That's exactly what worries me. I certainly don't think that Yoga is a bad thing at all, when done in the right way. It helps you to be more happy and that's great, right? So I don't have a problem with the thing itself, I have a "problem" with the reason why most (not all) people are choosing to do it.

I think they’re trying to get away from things they don’t like. Instead of facing the truth and doing something to improve the situation and stepping forward, they just want to fade it out. And that is - in my opinion - not useful when developing a great life. They’re imagining that they’re just ameliorating their health and mind - but what’s really happening is that they’re escaping from the bad side of their life.

That was a bit confusing, huh? I hope you understand, what I want to communicate you: Just put all your effort into creating the life you want and don’t flee from those decisions (of course just a suggestion, I don't want to be a preacher 😬).