It was around 2010 when we first met. I was just a kid from a small town who wanted to try out what my cool classmates told me about. In the school, they always raved about how much you had to offer and how less someone actually had to give you in exchange.

Obviously, I wanted to be cool too. So after a few months, I couldn’t resist your attraction anymore. I wanted to know more about you and your dangerous side which my parents and the people on the TV told me about. They said you’re not only a good way to kill time, but also drug which already made many of my kind addictive.

They told me dramatized tales about people who failed to make their dream come true because they simply spent too much time wandering through the dreams of others, who already made them come true in form of an technical product which at the same time actually finances their life. But of course, I didn’t care much about what those people said. Probably like everyone else at my age. So I tried it. I tried to get to you, as fast as I could, but still with a slight bit of reverence in my mind.

At first, it wasn’t that hard. Since we had just met, you didn’t knew much about what I would go through just for you, so you were pretty easy to please. You knew that if you would be friendly to me, I would think that I’ve just won a new friend.

But sadly, it wasn’t like it seemed to me.

After I finally found out how to make use of the favours you were ready to offer me at any time of the day, I noticed that the guys at the school were right. You were just awesome! Besides demanding a huge amount of my own time, you still allowed me to meet with my friends. Okay, I have to admit: In the most cases, you were present too.

But since that hadn’t bugged me much, the time flew like a feather in the wind. Some people came, others went away. You stayed. But that came at a cost: I had to feed you. At first, it was only my own stuff, but then the things my parents worked for hardly, also slowly went down your big, tireless throat. But I was a little man and I knew how to keep it under control. I just had to spend less time with you and more time with things those casual people from the Pop music videos on Viva did.

Nevertheless, I simply couldn’t. I knew what, but I didn’t knew how. So I kept going on. And it went better than I thought: I actually met a few happy people all over the world. Sure, I had to spend time with them too now, but it was fun. Definitely more fun than school or thinking about my future.

So yeah, it wasn’t all bad. It was definitely worth the time. I not only learned how easy it is to loose much money on something, that didn’t really exist in the real world, but also that I need to be thankful for what my parents and my “work” gave me.

Of course I could go on and on like this, but I want to draw a final stroke. To me, it feels like you don’t pay attention to the details of our relationship anymore. You just suck up all of my money and all I get back is your lousy appearance, trials of games I neither want nor need and your bad way of dealing with the icons on my launchpad. You had so much time and you didn’t even manage to dress your open-, close- and minimize-buttons like the rest of the OS.

And if I write you about that, you don’t even respond. You neither seem to have a support team behind you, nor are you able make use of all the native advantages my system has to offer.

No, it’s not like you think. NO! … Okay. YES!! You’re right. I found someone else who makes me laugh now: The Mac App Store. Titles like Bioshock Infinite, the original Bioshock, Hitman, Tomb Raider, Max Payne 3 and many indie ones like Transistor or Bastion just make me feel like home again. You probably haven’t noticed it yet, but if a game is great and the creators care about their fans, it will be launched there too. And if you ask me, that’s the only kind of game we actually need.

All in all, that’s exactly what I need to feel home again. So there it is:

Goodbye Steam!

We might meet again when I get a Windows computer yet again. Yeah, sure. Of course... No, seriously. Who knows... Nah, the thought of me buying one of those again is just too funny.