Finally! It's been a while since I've blogged properly the last time, probably a few years. Why? Well, during this time many things changed for me: After I left Cutting Egg a year ago, I started working in a advertising agency called medienreaktor in addition to school (where I'll also graduate in a few months). I'm glad to finally get a solid reward for making great websites and -apps. Of course, the local cooperation with other people interested in my field also helps me to expand my knowledge.

Meanwhile, about 5-6 years have passed since I started disassembling random websites to get to know how they work on the dark side of the web (hihi, 'dark side' - sounds scary 👻). I'm happy that I'm now able to make websites for people who like my work and want to support me and I really like doing it - of course, it's sometimes at bit exhausting, but I think for the long haul, it's perfect for me.

But that's just the beginning. After school, I'll probably do an apprenticeship for a couple of years to get to know more people in this scene. I also might build some of the ideas that I've sketched in my notebook as I'll hopefully have more time for things like that. This is where my blog comes in: I'd like to build some more connections over the web and I'll of course also write some more posts about handling things the right way & my maybe also about my second love: HipHop.

So if you want to join me on my journey through the world, you're free to hit the 'Follow'-button on my Twitter-Account anytime - you can even try the RSS-Feed.