We’re living in a global world. Everybody is connected to everyone through the internet and its broad variety of products which want you to spend even more time with it.

Sure, something like the internet needs standards. There are many many people out there contributing to it every day, from thousands of countries all over the earth. There is definitely a need for a global language which can be understood by everyone. And this is English.

It’s an easy language — compared to other ones. It’s the language on which most programming languages are based on. It’s also outside the internet, nearly everybody knows it.

While developing products, setting up wikis and GitHub repositories, I often came across that one question: Every “creator” on the web knows English, so why don’t I just write everything in this language? It would be easy for me and well understandable by developers and designers.

But in my opinion, that’s not how we should deal with this topic. Language isn’t just another way how we communicate with other individuals around us. It’s also a part of our culture. Century over century, human beings formed their speech to easily communicate information to other humans. Even if they didn’t do it intentionally, they put a huge amount of their livetime into shaping each language until it became as easy as it’s today to transmit thoughts into other people’s minds using written words or speech.

And of course that’s not the end. We’re constantly changing the way how we speak and write to fit the strain and speed of our everyday life.

Every language is beautiful. Currently, there are over 3.500 languages spoken across the world. And in my view, we should keep all of them. As humans — especially designers and developers, we often tend to make everything as perfect and easy as possible.

But in this case, that’s not helpful at all.

Of course, it’s easier to just write everything in one language: Everyone could then understand it. But with this method, we’ll loose a huge part of our culture. And culture is what defines us. It’s what we can use to find out what we are. Without it, we would all be the same.

So don’t support this thinking. You don’t need to translate everything into your mother tongue now, but if you have enough time, contribute something to human existence and also provide another translation in your native language.

Thank you for giving a fuck! 😘