Over the last few years, the company I'm talking about didn't contribute much when it comes to pushing the web forward (at least as far as I know). Their web browser "Safari" indeed got a new look on OS X Yosemite, but they didn't change much regarding web standard support or even new features for developers.

While other browsers like Chrome or Firefox quickly introduced many new technologies, Safari kept being stuck in the same place. Part of the reason for this is probably the slow release-cycle which only comes into play when a new OS update is released. We, as developers, we're facing an app which wasn't able to keep up with the new stuff. However, many of us wanted to use it because it's just so beatifully integrated into Apple's other products (bookmarks, read-later-articles and RSS-feeds are simply synced via iCloud and therefore available on all devices). I also think you'll agree with me when I say that it just looks gorgeous.

Since Safari is pre-installed on OS X as well as on iOS, you might assume that the number of people who are actually using it in their everyday life is very huge; but it's not like that. And why? Well, even regular users started noticing that other browsers like the one from Google provide them with a more convenient way of browsing. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, it's fast as hell. Secondly, it's available on multiple platforms which opens it up for a wider audience. And thirdly, there are much more extensions for it available.

And please, also don't forget about the effort that Google made to promote it's browser. As you might still know, they've created hundreds of different ads and scattered them all over the web - they even bought space for their TV ads. But now, after many years, I feel like Apple finally decided to pay more attention to the whole web thing. They've announced the support for many new web-technologies like unprefixed CSS 3 properties and ECMAScript 6 contents. Besides that, they even re-designed the web inspector and added a some new Force Touch Events to support the whole functionality of the new Trackpad. — Not to mention that they'll even open source Swift1.

And no, that wasn't even the full list of things they've implemented in Safari 9. I came to the decision that explaining them all in full detail wouldn't be wort it since Apple already created a neat documentation for all implementations. If that's not enough for you, I recommend watching the video of the last conference about this topic.

While I'm very happy about this huge step into the right direction, I also hope that they won't stop here and let Safari fall asleep a second time. They really need to make sure to keep up with all the stuff that is happening around them if they want to compete against others in this scene.

Let's hope the best!