I feel like more and more people in my environment are complaining about that I don't use much formatting for my articles and that it's therefore often so hard to read them. Since I'm not one of those bloggers who doesn't care about their audience, I'd like to point out some arguments which brought me to this.

First off: Simplicity. And when I'm talking about this, I don't only see it from your perspective, but also from mine and how it helps me to express myself. By leaving out tons of images, most of the text formatting or embedded iframes, I'm not only making sure that you won't get distracted by it, but also that I can stay focused on the original content.

There might be people out there who say that pure text is just boring. But I have a different opinion about that: For me, it's a whole world in which I can do everything I want and however the fuck I want it to do. I'm not limited to the borders of reality, like cheap videos are. Besides that, text isn't just text. It's also a gathering of so many different words, each made out of variant letters.

This brings us to my next argument: Imagination. The more visual stuff I add to my posts, the less you'll have to think and the less possiblities you have to interpret my thoughts. It's as simple as that.

Here's an example: A video might be more colourful and louder, but in the end, you're just bound to a specific way of absorbing the message within it: The way how the author wants you to understand it. There's very less room for your own thoughts and your own way of understanding it.

For texts, this is different. Every person that reads an article will interpret it in their own way. This also means that when telling a different person about the story behind the text, it's more likely that the own experiences and thoughts will be added to it. And in the end, the shared information is even better and more colourful than the equivalent video could ever be.

Now, this is exactly what I want my essays to be: Completely free collections of thoughts which allow the reader to built his own story around a certain topic, using their imagination.