More than 5 years have passed since WhatsApp saw the light of day for the first time. Now it was even acquired by the biggest social network out there: Facebook. But in my opinion, the acquisition wasn't really useful. They did little or nothing to make progress and make the app better than it was.

Okay, they changed the interface a bit and added some tiny new features. But the really big things like an API for developers or even just another app for OS X or Windows never entered the conversation. To me, it feels like Facebook just doesn't give a shit about the app. Maybe they just bought it because they wanted its user-data...

In my view, this had the consequence that WhatsApp now isn't able to compete with all the other IM-Messengers out there anymore, there are many services that have well-documented APIs (like Telegram) and much better interfaces, as well as native applications for desktop and also web instances (WhatsApp lately also got a shiny web-version, but it's not even working for all platforms).

That means to me: In the next days I'll stop using this stupid app and I'll also recommend my friends to use a different kind of messenger.

Sorry, Facebook!