Today's the day: I've graduated from school.

It all started around 11 years ago in the first class, when the little Leonard learned about the basics of life: Writing, reading and math. I need to say, back then it wasn't that expensive to not flunk out. We did what we wanted, without spending one second thinking about our own future or giving a fuck about disciplinary measures.

After finishing primary school, I went to high school because of my good grades. Of course that didn't make much sense, since I was still the little troublemaker I was in the previous school. My parents tried it, but I didn't spent much time there before I went down to secondary school. Although I was already very interested in computers in the high school, the whole coding thing actually started when some of my new friends in the secondary school introduced me to a homepage builder called "Homepage Baukasten" (german for homepage construction kit).

We firstly wanted to build a homepage for our class and also did so. While my other classmates quickly lost their interest in this topic, I kept publishing my own site (I guess it was "") and started digging into the world of web development by disassembling random web apps.

Over the time, I learned more and more by myself and also met a few people like Daniel in school and many others over the web. None of us knew what the hell we did there, but we went on - because we were amazed by all the cool things the web allowed us to do (at least that's my perspective). In contrast to the real world - where many liabilities and people with huge expectations waited for us - we could just do what we wanted here. It didn't matter whether that meant to create fan pages for Minecraft Servers or stupid web apps.

Then the time came, when everybody suddenly started thinking about his career. The school wanted us to do some internships and get some knowledge about what's possible for each of us. Many went to do some kind of engineer- or financial-training in huge, widely-known company, since they knew to get the best payment there after they've started working. Only one went on with the educational way and decided to attend another school. And no, that wasn't me.

Since I don't wanted to waste more time doing something I don't like - while others who only make half of the effort are responsible for the big things in the industry - I'll stop here and start doing what I really love.